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    How about the game commune?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How about the game commune?”
    1. Handling New Town Company, established in 2005, has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a high -tech enterprise with strong technical strength. In 2008, it obtained the qualification of a game operation enterprise issued by the Ministry of Culture. Through the strategic layout of capital, Guanxin New Town Company made multiple investment in the PC client, web games, mobile game fields, and application software fields, and achieved good results. He has cooperated with China Unicom, China Telecom, TOM Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and many military colleges. As the developer and operator of the game commune, the new city of the new city shoulders all the technical and operational guarantee of the game commune. At the same time, it is responsible for the investment construction and guidance and supervision of the national cooperation system. The online game is undoubtedly one of the most profitable industries. The fighting game is the largest cake in the field of online games. Because it is easy to find an opponent in reality, the process is easy, the process is easy, and the number of players will increase. Today, the number of netizens has increased rapidly.
      Compared with other online games: Chess and card games have the following important characteristics and advantages:
      1. The age range of the target user users is large, and netizens from the age of 10 to 80 will only play cards, and they will play cards, and they will play cards. It is likely to try a online chess and card game.
      2. The participation rate is high. A netizen may never touch other types of online games, but many will choose to play a few cards to dispel time.
      3, the classic and fixed game project, there is no need to continue to modify the game content. In other words, the content of the game itself will not be eliminated.
      4. Similarly, user game interest and enthusiasm are durable. The loyalty to the game is also very high, and it will not easily change the game service provider.
      In the characteristics of the above chess and card games, if you try to stand and succeed in the broad but competitive industry in this market, the development ideas must be designed. Novel promotion ideas. Novel ideas should be supported by novel functions. Because chess and card game players generally have the characteristics of high loyalty. At present, it is difficult to rob the share with the industry that has successfully succeeded in the industry. Novel functions include new chess and card gameplay for special user bases, such as regional games, as well as adding new features in ordinary gameplay, or more exquisite and exciting game interface. The game commune has strong technical power in the development of new types of game development, game auxiliary functions, and interface art. It can help you tailor -made boutique chess and card games that are suitable for your market positioning.
      2, carefully select the game program. It is necessary to improve mature technology and avoid common products. The harm of plug -in to the game will be fatal, and the appearance of each plug -in is a critical life of the game itself. For common products, because they are widely circulated, they are more likely to be targeted by plug -in developers for targeted samples. Without professional defense design experience, a wide range of game software versions can easily be developed. The game developer's gaming commune has rich game design experience and mature defense technology, and each user is designed separately, each is the only solution.
      3, carefully choose chess and card game developers. From the moment you buy game software, you choose not only a game software, but a cooperative team. From the personalized customization development of the game to the persistent user experience, the user experience is Give you strong technical support. Therefore, the technical support service of the game development company is very important. Products with poor support for subsequent technical support can only become meteors. The game commune never believes that the time of the transaction is over. On the contrary, that is only the beginning, the success of the customer is the success of the product of the game commune, so the game public society continues to support customers and strives to make every customer an evergreen in the industry evergreen Tree.

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