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    How much is the salary of online game testers and game planning?


    Sep 22, 2022

    NetEase, Nine Cities, Shanda, Perfect Time, Snails, etc. What should I do? What is the salary of company game testers and game planning?

    5 thoughts on “How much is the salary of online game testers and game planning?”
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    2. If you are planned by the main planning online game planning, it is usually between 10000-15000. If you just start, it is usually between 5000-8000, so this is still very potential. Do you want to do this? Essence

    3. If you really reach the point of Baniu B, Apple's testers are tens of thousands of dollars. At present, there are still many differences in game testing because of different salary benefits of test technology. At present, I think the standards must be above 4K. One key is your area, which is also an average judgment factor.

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