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    How to promote the game is more effective?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The advantages and profits of the mobile game agent are obvious to us. Many people want to realize their own entrepreneurial dreams through mobile game agents. Because of the development of the market environment and the industry, the focus of the mobile game agent in the early stage of operation is mainly promoting. Today, Fenglin Mobile Games (14294) introduces methods such as promoting drainage channels for mobile games. Friends who are interested in the opponent's mobile game agent can also see the background function of Fenglin mobile game introduction web link, the lowest 198 can enter the industry.
      The low cost methods are: community marketing, that is, use various groups or community platforms to promote, such as WeChat group, QQ group, community forum post bar. In these communities, we can easily find a large number of target users, and even the community has helped you to screen the user base, and your job is to find to contact these user groups. They transformed into their own users. Maybe some people think that the effectiveness of this method is a bit slower, but if it can continue for a long time, it is actually very effective.

      Then there is a self -media platform. At present, the largest traffic, whether it is short video or live broadcast, can promote your own games, but you need to have your own set of ways to continuously output the content. Real a good effect. After registering accounts, you can directly publish consultations or videos related to your own game. In this way, you can insert the content of the game related to your own game in the video to achieve the effect of promoting your game. The operation method is simple.
      The method of pulling players is to play other players in the same type of game and guide them to our own mobile games. This is the most basic promotion method before Most guild model agents use this method of pulling people. Until now, this method is also effective. Players are basically precise players. And experience, and many games will limit the behavior of the game in the game, we need to choose the suitable game operation.
      above is the low cost promotion and drainage method of Fenglin Mobile Games (14294). Of course, the promotion method is a good method for thousands of million to achieve your own purpose. If you are interested, you can see that there is business docking on the promotion background introduction web link.

    2. Introduce the ADBRIGHT operating team from the game industry to condense wisdom and experience creative optimization methodology.

      . Industry trends

      According to the research report data released by the Game Work Committee, the actual sales revenue of the mobile game market in 2017 was 116.12 billion yuan, and the share continued to increase by 57.0%. With the enhancement of intelligent technology in game applications, the increase in gaming products has increased, refined production, and immersive experience has become an essential condition for the orderly development of the game market.

      It the ecological operation of the game IP and the integration of the content industry, the social networking, and other fields. It will drive the sales of derivatives and give birth to a new industry form. In such a diverse demand and the time to enter the fast lane, the operation and maintenance capabilities of game promotion are very important.

      . Thinking path

      usually when promoting a product, the direction of the copy output must be refining selling points, highlights, and interests. The way of basic thinking is not enough to innovate.

      1 sorting the commonality

      The development of homogeneous games to the development of mobile games so far is very serious. Without large manufacturers or popular IP endorsements, the competition of small game factories is particularly fierce, the most The typical method is "changing the game".

      Sepgors, that is, the same or similar theme mobile games will try to promote the test direction and material. The characteristic is the core value point, that is, another way of introducing the new and uniqueness.

      The optimist summarizes four mainstream game materials, namely: official video materials, characters and scene screenshots, character display or skill animation, homemade game scene video.

      official video materials

      In the screening of official promotional videos, matching suitable videos from multi -angle such as themes, characters, content, and screens. , Mainly with video CG but not exposed the game screen, ARPG's strong action mobile game or exquisite two -dimensional types are suitable for using official videos.

      △ directly display the characteristics of the game, avoiding the game content directly attracts users in the form of CG.

      △ Such materials are provided by the general website or customer, and are provided with scenes and characters -related copywriting.

      △ Motive Material display: drawing cards, skill moving pictures, role moving pictures.

      △ homemade video material, the main gameplay demonstration and booting character selection interface is suitable for all types of games.

      2 Find features

      each game has its own era or subject background, character settings, plot routines, etc. The search for characteristic materials can be investigated according to the following content.

      1, game IP borrowing potential

      △ The IP promoted by mobile games can be divided into two types: traffic IP and nostalgic IP, traffic IP can use spokesperson advantages, popular episodes, etc. The names of nostalgia are TV series, anime, characters, etc. that have been identified as a certain age.

      2, the official announcement of the official announcement

      The official coverage of various platforms will be carried out. Large games will be exposed or implanted in the game before listing. Competitive games are aspects that need to be paid attention to.

      3, game news material

      official website news should pay attention to the update of function, content, etc., the game website should control the summary and slot of the editor, and the game evaluation should pay attention to the highlights. Summary with advantages, websites such as station A, STN Express, 3DM and other websites are a good place to find game characteristics.

      4, interactive comments from netizens

      The content optimist who has a game selling point or allows users to generate interest points may not be able to sort out the first time. The disadvantage is precisely the content of the exposure during the launch process. The unique point of the game and the problems that users really care about are reflected here.

      3rpg instance analysis

      Type: a card game

      Customer demand: The activation cost is controlled within 35 yuan, the repetition rate exceeds 10 % The first day broke through 30 %.

      Difficulty point: "Change" card game

      Strategy: First, confirm that this is a nostalgic card game. Without special selling points The features are nostalgic IP and card materials.

      The material:

      D digital IP material and internal materials of the game. From the intuitive display of the tools and character materials, the user base with memory points for this anime. Summoning materials ignite childhood memories.

      This After testing, it is found that the promotion effect of emotions is significantly better than internal materials in the game. According to the user's high attention to short-time frequency and the characteristics of automatic playback under WIFI, the original anime theme song is used to cut into the activation costs between 20-35 yuan, and the interaction rate is maintained at about 15.1 %.

    3. Public Relations Resources Network is honored to answer you:

      1, SEM bidding ranking.
      is very burning, the keyword bid, click to pay? Including Baidu bidding, 360 bidding and Sogou.
      2, online alliance advertisement.
      Website alliance, collectively known as SEM.
      3, portal advertisement.
      mainly refers to Tencent, Netease, Sina, and Sohu.
      4, WeChat, private domain flow.
      WeChat advertising has integrated multiple resources such as friends circle, public account, and applet. The number of users is huge. At present, there is a video number.
      5, information flow advertisement.
      For example, the news client, on the app, appears on the browsing list in the form of content links, and click to jump to the advertising landing page.
      6, video patch.
      It is mainly long video platforms such as Youku iQiyi Tencent. Advertising advertisements appearing before and when paused.
      7, soft text advertisement.
      In the form of graphic, published on central media, commercial media or portal media to publicize the business information of the enterprise and implant it soft.
      8, e -commerce advertisement.
      Im advertisements that customers have launched within e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. to obtain a large number of product exposure.
      9, Q

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