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    What is the full name of LOL?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. LOL's full name is League of Legends, and the Chinese translation is League of Legends. It is a hero played online game developed by Riot Games in the United States. In addition to the real -time strategy and team combat, League of Legends also has characteristic heroes and automatic matching combat platforms, including talent tree, summoner system, and runes.
      lol's gameplay has many ways to play, you can go to order, jungle, mid -order, auxiliary lights. Different heroes have different gameplay, and the same heroes also have different gameplay. This brings different experiences to LOL. It is a very popular game.

      The background settings

      In surrounded by dangerous waters, many alliance provinces form Aienia on a huge islands called "newborn soil". The balance of pursuit of everything is the long -term cultural tone here, so the boundaries between material and spiritual fields are also here, especially in the wild forests and mountains.
      , although the magic power on this land may become impermanent, and the inhabitant creatures may be dangerous and magical, in the past few hundred years, the residents of Ionia have been living a rich life. The martial arts courtyard, the militia regiment of various provinces, and even the land of Aienia itself are enough to protect the local residents.
      But all that ended twelve years ago, because that year, Noxus sent troops to attack the "newborn soil". The endless empire army raged in Aienia, and the Aienians defeated the enemy after many years of hardship.

    2. League of Legends.
      lol (online game) generally refers to the League of Legends (MOBA Athletic Online Games developed by American Fist Games in 2009)
      "League of Legends" (referred to as LOL) is developed by American Fist Games (Riot Games), mainland China Tencent Game Agent Hero Battle MOBA Competitive Online Games.
      has hundreds of individual heroes in the game, and has characteristic development systems such as exclusion systems and rune systems.
      Extension information:
      The history of the League of Legends:
      until 20 years ago, the rune land was relieved from the war. The people on the mainland have been accustomed to fighting since ancient times and resolved disputes with war. Whenever, the tools of war are always magic.
      The army armed themselves with spells and runes. The heroes created most of the magic items to lead the troops to fight each other. The summoner, the actual leaders of the Valoran mainland, they used magical energy to attack the enemy's troops and supporters crazy. They have almost infinite primitive magic forces, and they have never considered endless disasters to the environment of this continent.
      , the abuse of magic that has not ended in the past 200 years has made the people of Valoran see the vulnerable status of the runes. The last two rune battles violently affected the geological environment of Valoland. Although people tried to gather magic energy to restore this catastrophic consequences, it has no effect. The severe earthquake and horror magic storm shivered the entire Valolan, which was far more terrible for people than the horror of the war.
      people finally realized that the world can not afford the damage of the rune battle. In response to the worsening political and economic crisis in the world, Valoran's masters -including many powerful summoners -reaching consensus, all conflicts must be dealt with in a controllable and systematic manner.
      The purpose of the organization called "League of Legends" to monitor Walllan's political disputes in an orderly manner. The League of Legends, located at the School of War, has been authorized by the Valoran political entities. This organization will manage the results brought by all political disputes. The League of Legends decides that all the main political disputes must be specially established in various parts of Valoran. The arena to handle.
      The summoners who have different political opinions each summon a hero each, and these heroes lead the soldiers without mental consciousness to fight. These soldiers are made by the first summoner through the summoning node.

    3. The Chinese name "League of Legends"
      The English name League of Legends
      The is the founder of LOL
      dota-allstars original map author Steve Guinsoo Named by its name) as the main creator of the game, PENDRAGEN, the founder of the Dota-Allstars community, joined
      Cadwell is the main policy.

    4. League of Legends, referred to as LOL, literally translated as legendary alliance. The Chinese name League of Legends, also known as 啊 啊. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

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