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    Which company is lol from


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. It's right upstairs. But many of them only know half. LOL's development company is Riot Ganmes in the United States (our commonly known fist company), but Riot is just a small subsidiary under Tencent's name. Essence His shares were acquired by Tencent 98%. Essence In other words, it is from China. Essence Tencent is not as simple as agents. Tencent is a business.

    2. "League of Legends" is a 3D large-scale arena game developed by Riot Games in the United States. Its main creative team is composed of the powerful DOTA-AllSTARS, as well as the art, programs, and planners of Blizzard and other famous game companies. The gameplay extends from the battle platform to the online game world.

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