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    Who invented at 24 o'clock?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Who invented at 24 o'clock?”
    1. At the 24 o'clock chess and card puzzle games, the four digital operations are required to be equal to twenty -four. This game is easier to play with poker cards. Take a pair of cards and remove the queen of the size (you can also take the j/Q/K/size king), and the remaining 40 cards are left (1 with 1 instead of A). Exclude 4 cards (referred to as card groups) at will, use, subtract, multiply, and divide (can add brackets, senior players can also use multiplication and step computing) to count the number of cards on the card. Each card must be used and only once.

    2. Ancient astronomers and physicists used Riyu, Nikko, water clocks, and single swings to use the changes in the shadow or water level to timing. With the advancement of scientific and technological, modern scientists invented a single clock and quartz oscillator, and used the oscillation cycle of single or quartz crystals to timing. However, the above -mentioned timing method is easily affected by the observation angle of the environment, temperature, material, electromagnetic field, and even observer. The stability is not good. It must be corrected by celestial bodies (earth rotation, revolving, and lunar transfer) cycle.

    3. The wisdom of human beings, the sun day is the time of the sun that shines on the earth, and the earth turns around the sun. It takes 24 hours a week, so there are 24 hours a day.

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